Associate Professor, Ashoka University
Tejas AP
Research Communication Head, APU

Trans rights activist Bittu and Tejas AP discuss the challenges faced by the Trans community in India, the politics and policies around trans rights and gender equity, and the quest for marginalised individuals to live a life of dignity.

This is the second episode on BIC Talks discussing trans rights, trans lives and the long road to true gender inclusion and equity in India. Previously on Episode 28, lawyer Jayna Kothari had spoken to Tejas AP about the important legal judgments in India that have promoted trans rights, and the for positive rights for gender minorities.

Bittu and Tejas take the conversation forward and discuss the deeply problematic politics and policymaking process that led to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, and subsequent actions. They also discuss more progressive legislative moves at the state level in South India. In the end, Bittu and Tejas discuss how people can become better allies and help build a more equitable society.

Bittu is an Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology at Ashoka University, and a genderqueer transman who believes in the annihilation of caste, class and gender.

Tejas AP (he/him/his) (@tejasap) lives and works in Bangalore. He heads Research Communications at Azim Premji University.

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