Adieu & Namaskaram

BIC has been happy to have incubated the amazing entrepreneurial duo, Kanishka and Pallavi, of Navu Project at BIC Café over the last 20 months. They have now grown wings and will be setting up their own outlet by the end of this year – where remains a secret for now! We wish them well. #fondmemories

We welcome Divya (from Bengaluru Oota Company) and Tresa (from Travancore Tasties) who will operate our BIC Café as Podi & Spice starting Aug 31, 2022. The fare will be around flavours of the four Southern States. At BIC, the café is part of the overall sensory experiences and as in our programming, diversity and variety will remain the flavour. And incubating promising chef talent could well be another BIC contribution to the city! #theshowgoeson

During Aug 16-30, 2022, we will have a minimal F&B operation with finger food served by Arbor.