Social Distancing. Flattening the Curve. It is becoming increasingly evident that the best way for public spaces to help fight the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is to embrace these two core principles. As a Public Institution, BIC needs to do the right thing by its patrons and the city…. the world too, given the nature of its spread and impact internationally!

We have decided to not schedule any BIC public events at our premises till May 31, 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation, learn more about possible preventive measures and when able commence our regular programming.

Do keep an eye out on our social media, website and emails for updates. Do check out our podcast, BIC Talks and our livecast platform, BIC Streams (available through Youtube too).

Upcoming Events

BIC Talks Podcast

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Ramping up India’s Covid-19 testing


Dismantling Stereotypes for an Equal Future

Deciphering Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi

Multiple spaces for events and activities

BIC’s facility is a new addition to the intellectual, social and cultural life of Bengaluru. BIC’s 48,000 square feet premises houses an all-day cafe, auditorium, 2 seminar rooms, board room, gallery, library, amphitheatre, rooftop terrace and spaces for indoor and outdoor activities. There is provision for basement parking. These facilities are available for hire by organisations provided the use is consistent with BIC’s objectives and guidelines.