Rahul Mehrotra
Architect, Urbanist
Kaiwan Mehta

Architects, educators and curators Rahul Mehrotra and Kaiwan Mehta talk to host Pavan Srinath about the ideas behind the ongoing State of Housing – Aspirations, Imaginaries and Realities in India exhibition at the Bangalore International Centre.

Rahul, Kaiwan and Ranjith Hoskote curated the State of Housing exhibition in 2018 as a traveling exhibition, which is now at BIC in Bangalore for the month of September, 2020. The naturally ventilated gallery is open to the public on all days between 10am and 7pm. The number of visitors allowed is limited, and masks, hygiene and physical distancing are strictly enforced for all visitors. If you would like to schedule a visit, write to operations@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org. Learn more here, and you an also attend the online screening of the film A Place to Live by Sanjay Shah during September, 2020.

On Episode 52 of BIC Talks, Rahul and Kaiwan discuss how State of Housing came about, what key questions the project seeks to answer, and they share glimpses of what various components of the exhibition offer to visitors – be they architects, people in government, urban governance researchers, or interested citizens and urban residents.

Rahul Mehrotra is an architect, urbanist and educator. He is Professor of Urban Design and Planning at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and also the Founder Principal of RMA Architects in Mumbai.

Kaiwan Mehta is a theorist and critic in the fields of visual culture, architecture, and city studies. He is the Managing Editor of DOMUS India and is a faculty member at CEPT University in Ahmedabad.

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