Janaki Lenin
Author and Journalist
Pavan Srinath
Podcast host

Author and writer Janaki Lenin shares tales from her latest book¸Every Creature Has a Story, with host Pavan Srinath. Janaki and Pavan discuss nature writing, the challenges of connecting readers to the strange lives of various creatures, the perils of imbuing animals with human tendencies, and more.

Janaki Lenin (@JanakiLenin) is a freelance journalist, filmmaker, and conservation policy expert, and has written columns for The Hindu, Firstpost and The Wire. She currently writes for The Hindu Sunday Magazine and RoundGlass Sustain. You can find most of her published articles here.

Every Creature Has a Story (HarperCollins 2020) is Janaki’s fourth book. She has also authored My Husband and Other Animals, My Husband and Other Animals. and A King Cobra’s Summer

This episode of BIC Talks is shared under a Creative Commons license, CC-BY-SA-4.0. The episode features clips of bird songs from the Common Nightingale (Credit: Benoit Van Henke, Xeno-Canto) and the Asian Koel (Credit: Tushar Bhagwat, Xeno-Canto).