Episode 7 : The Making of Modern Indian Theatre ft. Shanta Gokhale and Sunil Shanbag Part II

What was Girish’s impact on the national theatre scene? Did his plays influence or inspire other playwrights and theatre makers? In Part 2 of this episode, Shanta Gokhale and Sunil Shanbag talk about how the 60s and 70s were such a critical moment for theatre in different parts of India. They talk about the unique sensibilities that Girish brought to the stage and how Girish set himself apart from his contemporaries such as Vijay Tendulkar.

Show Notes

  1. Girish Karnad’s time with The Madras Players. (02:10)
  2. ‘Theatre in India’, by Girish Karnad, published in Daedalus, Vol. 118. (02:10)
  3. Shanta Gokhale on translation. (05:59)
  4. Photographs of Walchand Terrace and plays performed there. (10:56)
  5. Sunil Shanbag on the value of public spaces. (12:22)
  6. Girish Karnad on Vijay Tendulkar: Video and Essay (13:28)
  7. The original music of Ghashiram Kotwal. (16:13)


  1. A Doordarshan interview with Girish Karnad.
  2. Ranga Shankara remembers Girish Karnad.