Pavan Srinath
Public Policy Researcher & Podcaster
Lekha Naidu
Theatre Practitioner

Pavan Srinath talks to Lekha Naidu about creating BIC Talks and releasing 100 episodes of the podcast since March 2020, when the pandemic lockdowns began in India.

On this episode Pavan takes the guest seat, as Bangalore International Centre’s Programme Manager Lekha Naidu talks to him about the joys, lessons and challenges of podcasting. They discuss how BIC pivoted to podcasting within a week of the first nation-wide lockdown, how they managed to record deep conversations almost entirely remotely, and what kept the show going. Pavan also shares a few of his favourite moments and episodes from the last year, and his thoughts on podcasting in general.

Pavan Srinath is a public policy researcher and podcaster, who also hosts The Pragati Podcast and the Thale-Harate Kannada Podcast. He’s accessible at @zeusisdead on Twitter and Instagram.

Lekha Naidu is Programme Manager at the Bangalore International Centre, and will be taking over Pavan’s role as host and producer of BIC Talks from Episode 103. 

Some BIC Talks episodes mentioned on the show:

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