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Entrepreneur, Philosopher & IT Professional
Architect, Cultural Thinker & Philosopher
Founder & Director, New Acropolis - South India

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Date & Time

Friday Fri, 19 Nov 2021


Location (for BIC Venue, BIC Hybrid and BIC Cafe)

Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

We often think of philosophy as something abstract even distant. Could there be more to it?

If we look at philosophical ideas across cultures and times through a different lens, they can become practical tools. Philosophy equips us to face the difficulties presented by the times we live in and shows us how to be truly alive. Today, as humanity battles the pandemic across and its effects the world over, this way of looking at Philosophy becomes more relevant.
On the occasion of World Philosophy Day, join us in a conversation with practicing philosophers from different walks of life, to discover how we can possibly enrich our own lives by practicing philosophy.

In collaboration with New Acropolis


*Please note: BIC Venue events need attendees to be vaccinated with at least one dose and to comply with all health and safety protocols


Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia

Entrepreneur, Philosopher & IT Professional

Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia is an entrepreneur, philosopher and the founder of an IT services based company. Bhanu leads a growing team of young professionals and enjoys mentoring young people and helping them grow technically even as tries to offer life skills.

Bhanu believes business is not just about making money but that profits are a by-product of quality and a value based approach. He aspires to bring a change in the business world by improving the lives of employees who spend about 80% of their day at work. This is done mainly by creating a work environment which is ethical. The policy extends to customers as well where he believes in quality and efficiency. He believes that once the core is sorted the rest will fall into place.

G Shashidhara


A popular and a successful Paediatrician of Bangalore City, Dr G Shashidhara completed his M.B.B.S. degree from Bangalore Medical College in 1987. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Paediatrics in 1991, Dr G Shashidhara started his career as a consultant in Saint Philomena’s hospital. Later he was a consultant for several nursing homes and a visiting consultant at M. S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital in Bangalore city. Now he has out-patient practice at Sanjaynagar, Bangalore.

Dr. Shashidhara comes from a very unique school of thought, wherein he advocates Spirituality as the key to happiness in our lives. Dr G Shashidhara is also the founder of the “Center For Scientific Spirituality” situated in West of Chord Road, Bangalore. As the Pioneer of Scientific Spirituality, it is his vision to contribute towards the creation of scientifically enlightened individuals who can blossom their uniqueness.Dr G Shashidhara is also the author of several books like Present, Everpresent State, Living in the Present, De-Stress through Truth and Scientific Spiritual Solutions for Managing Teens.

Dr. Shashidhara conducts on 3rd Sunday of every month, children free health clinic and veterinary services at Hosanagenhally village near makalidurga, Doddabalapur.

Prem Chandavarkar

Architect, Cultural Thinker & Philosopher

Prem Chandavarkar is the managing partner of CnT Architects: an award-winning and widely published architectural practice based in Bangalore, India. He received his training at School of Planning and Architecture Delhi (B.Arch., 1978) and University of Oregon USA (M.Arch., 1982).

He is a former Executive Director of Srishti School of Art Design & Technology in Bangalore, and is an academic advisor and guest faculty at Indian and international colleges of architecture. In 2016, he was the Walton Critic at The School of Architecture and Planning at Catholic University of America in Washington DC. In the same year, he was appointed as a member of the board of The Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum, USA. He is a member of the current Executive Committee of Indian Institute of Architects Karnataka Chapter, and was the curator of the centenary year National Convention of the Indian Institute of Architects, on the theme “Imagining the Indian City”.

Besides his design practice at CnT, he writes, lectures and blogs on architecture, urbanism, art, cultural studies, philosophy, politics and education.

Ran Kremer

Founder & Director, New Acropolis - South India

Ran Kremer is a philosopher first and foremost, as founder, director and senior teacher of New Acropolis – South India. New Acropolis is a non-profit cultural organization with a presence in over 60 countries. Ran Kremer has been actively working at being a practical philosopher for over 20 years, focusing on education. New Acropolis offers a holistic education based on the classical style that sees philosophy as a ‘love of wisdom’, as something practical to be lived each day, rather than as a purely intellectual pursuit. Philosophy comes alive through New Acropolis’ scholastic programs and initiatives in the fields of art, culture and volunteering.

Ran Kremer’s passion for philosophy is rooted in the belief that it has the ability to bring about profound, sustainable change by developing the best of human potential and enabling each individual to be an active, conscious part of society.

In his professional life, Ran comes from extensive senior executive leadership roles in multiple global companies and enterprises.

Surekha Deepak


Surekha Deepak is an educator by profession and purpose. As a member and volunteer at New Acropolis – South India, she has been on a philosophical quest for meaning and finds a way to play her part in bettering the world we live in. Professionally a media educator, Surekha believes in the power of education in shaping individuals. She considers true education the key that enables one to be an active investigator, education creates awareness and for each be a more conscious part of society and nature.