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Date & Time

Friday Fri, 27 Oct 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

Featuring a double bill with the fine Hindustani vocalists Mukul Kulkarni and Vishal Moghe from Pune with a rich and deep taleem (training), this concert traces the complex artistic relationships  between Gurus and disciples in the genre of Hindustani vocal music as they journey together.

Uniquely, both Mukul Kulkarni (43) and Vishal Moghe (39) have had rigorous and extended training ranging from six and up to 15 years plus with two very distinctive and respected Hindustani Gurus. They are Pandit Sharad Sathe (1932-2019) one of the most respected musicians of the Gwalior gharana who had decades of deep learning from legendary Gwalior Gharana musicians Pandit DV Paluskar (1921-1955) and Pandit Sharadchandra Arolkar (1912-1994). Simultaneously, Mukul and Vishal also learnt from and continue to learn for almost two decades with Pandit Arun Kashalkar (born 1943) who had the benefit of taleem with the great Gwalior gharana Maestro Pandit Gajananrao Joshi (1911-1987) and Agra gharana stalwart Pandit Babanrao Haldankar (1927-2016) and represents the finest achievements of the Gwalior-Agra Gharana in Mumbai and Pune.

In this concert, Mukul and Vishal will give audiences a sense of how they received, assimilated and interpreted the distinctive training and material passed on to them from two very eminent Gurus and found their own path and musical personalities. The concert will be accompanied by brief glimpses and insights into their experiences of learning from their Gurus. Each piece will be introduced and contextualised briefly by the musicians to give audiences an inside view.  The concert will be followed by an informal conversation with them. Joining them on stage will be the senior harmonium artist Vyasmurthi Katti and Sagar Bharatraj on tabla.

A promo video to the concert can be found here.

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Mukul Kulkarni


Disciple of Pandit Arun Kashalkar and Pandit Sharad Sathe, Mukul Kulkarni is a Hindustani classical vocalist of the Gwalior-Agra gharana. He is an A grade artist of All India Radio. Mukul began his initial training aged ten under the guidance of Shri NG Paramane and picked up the nuances of the music from Sukhada Kane while pursuing his Engineering studies in Kolhapur. After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, Pandit Vikas Kashalkar of Gwalior Gharana took Mukul under his tutelage and Mukul trained with him for 8 fruitful years.

Mukul went on to receive rigorous training in traditional compositions of Gwalior Gharana from Pandit Sharad Sathe since 2005 till his passing in 2019. This taleem has bestowed to him a large repertoire of traditional khayals of the Gwalior gharana, tappa and tapkhayals. He has also learnt simultaneously from and continues to learn from Pandit Arun Kashalkar of the Gwalior-Agra gharana. Apart from performing widely in cities across India Mukul has received wide acclaim for his UK tours since 2013. Mukul has also been training a group of serious minded disciples in Pune for the past 7 years.

Vishal Moghe


Vishal Moghe hails from the city of Gwalior where the Hindustani Khayal Gayaki (style) was born. He began to sing at age 5 but received formal guidance from Dr. Smita Sahastrabuddhe and Dr. Jayant Khot later. Subsequently, he was received training from Pandit Balasaheb Poonchwale of the Gwalior Gharana.

Moving from Gwalior to Pune he finished his Masters in Music with an outstanding grade from Lalit Kala Kendra Gurukul at Centre for Performing arts, Pune University as a student of Pandit Arun Kashalkar following the Agra-Gwalior gharana and accompanying his Guru for his public concerts. At the same time, he has also received guidance from the Gwalior stalwart Pandit Sharad Sathe in Pune.

Vishal has  performed across India and received accolades at concerts organised by prestigious forums such as Raza Foundation in Delhi, ICCR in Hyderabad, Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre and the Aundh festival among many others. Vishal has also been a part of modern Marathi Natya Sangeet and other forms of musical theatre with successful shows across Maharashtra

Vyasmurthi Katti


Vyasmurti Katti, born in a music loving family in Solapur, was initiated into music at a very young age by his sisters. Later he went on to take systematic training in harmonium under the able guidance of Pt. Ramacharya Bagewadi of Solapur. Presently he is learning vocal music under the expert tutelage of Pt. Indudhar Nirody, a very senior exponent of the Agra Gayaki. Shri. Katti is a much sought after harmonium player and has accompanied  numerous eminent artistes. He has also given harmonium solo concerts at prestigious Sabhas.

Sagar Bharathraj


Sagar is the son and disciple of Shri Bharathraj Venkat Rao from Calicut, Kerala, who is a senior disciple of Shri. Omkar Gulvady. After coming to Bangalore for his post graduation in chemical engineering, Sagar learnt under Shri Ravindra Yavagal for a short while and has also undergone vocal accompaniment training from Smt. Aditi Upadhya.

Sagar is a research scientist with a chemical engineering background. A triple gold medalist for Btech from NIT Calicut, Mtech & PhD from IISc Bangalore, Sagar was also awarded the National Award for the best Mtech thesis in chemical engineering. He is currently a research scientist with numerous international patents and publications to his credit, in the renewable energy and electric vehicles arena, working with Samsung Semiconductor India RnD, Bangalore.