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Monday Mon, 16 Sep 2019



Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

Samajamukhi in collaboration with BIC is working to promote Karnataka’s rich folk-art forms and culture by inviting folk singers, dancers, painters, puppeteers, and yakshagana artists every quarterly. 

‘Krishnarjuna’- A Yakshagana Prasanga 

On the one hand there is Krishna who has vowed to kill Gaya within eight days, and on the other hand Gaya who is under Arjuna’s protection. Will Gaya survive in the end? Will Krishna lose out on his vow? Did Abhimanu’s valorous act ignoring his mother’s caution become the turning point? What made Krishna take a vow to kill Gaya in the first place? To find these answers and more, watch the Yakshagana act, ‘Krishnarjuna’.


Keshav Hegde – Bhagavatha (Narrator)
Ananth Patkar – Maddale (Percussion)
Aditya – Chande (Percussion)
Kalagadde Vinayaka Hegde – Arjuna
Nagashree G H – Subhadra
Ashok Bhat Siddapura – Krishna
Venkatesh Bogrimakki – Bhima
Nagendra Moorooru -Daruka
Tulsi Hegde – Abhimanyu


Shri Ananta Yakshakala Pratishthana:

The Pratishthana (Foundation) was set up by the disciples of Late Shri Ananta Hegde Kolagi, a renowned Yakshagana artist who was a household name in Sirsi-Saddapaura talukas of Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka. The foundation has completed ten years in the promotion of Yakshagana and other literary and cultural activities. The Foundation has also been awarding state level ‘Shri Ananta Puraskara’ for outstanding contribution to Kannada folklore. Shri Keshava Hegde Kolagi, son of Late Shri Ananta Hegde, is acting as the Secretary of the Foundation. Shri Keshava Hegde will also be the ‘Bhagavata’ rendering the Yakshagana dance-drama, ‘Shri Krishnarjuna’.

About Samajamukhi:

‘Chintanasheela Samajamukhi’ is a Kannada monthly magazine for the serious and discerning readers who are interested in the well-being of Kannada and Karnataka. It has attained an unparalleled name and position for itself in a short span of 20 months since its first issue in January 2018. The magazine has attempted to present and critique the world to its readers from a Kannadiga perspective.