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Science Teacher, Proof School & Instructor, UC Berkeley

Date & Time

Wednesday Wed, 20 Dec 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

This is an invitation to experience ideas in science and an exploration of mathematics by direct connections to everyday life. Seeing the world through this lens is often inhibited by the formal garb these subjects are shrouded in, but asking questions and drawing connections between them often cuts across many barriers.

This talk, by Kaushik Basu, will explore how the senses can be employed in a variety of ways to glean information about commonly held notions of seeing, hearing and touching. In the process, the audience will become active participants in carrying a series of activities which will span the areas of human vision, acoustics and the nervous system.

We will then make connections to mathematical concepts and language to model these, where we will discover how the material objects we manipulate manifest themselves as waves, and how to use geometrical ideas, and tinker with simple origami folding to demonstrate these. He will touch upon some broad implications for science education and offer examples from his personal experiences with students.

This session will let us indulge in a sense of play with the physical world.


Kaushik Basu

Science Teacher, Proof School & Instructor, UC Berkeley

Kaushik Basu enjoys the interplay of physics and mathematics, and tries to see it everywhere around him. His interests are in teaching and understanding problem-solving as a creative process. He is affiliated with the Academic Talent Development Program, University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches physics and mathematics, including international students visiting UC Berkeley. He mentors students interested in teaching math and physics and advise teachers on curriculum development as well as develop problems for international physics competitions. He also teaches physics at Proof School.