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Date & Time

Friday Fri, 28 Jun 2024


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

Two seemingly distinct forms of the Vishnu, Ranganatha and Panduranga are geographically far apart. Iconographically too, they differ: one is a reclining idol, while another stands with his hands on his hips. What connects these two forms?

Ranga Taranga is a conceptualisation aiming to answer precisely this question, exploring subtle yet powerful connections between the two. Traversing across legends, architecture, experiences, history and more, Ranga Taranga invites its audiences to embrace the shades of two popular deities: Ranganatha and Panduranga.

The program comprised storytelling by Vinay Varanasi and music by Kruthi Vittal, B K Raghu and B S Prashanth.

In collaboration with:


Vinay Varanasi


Vinay Varanasi is a speaker and curator, and draws inspirations from various Indic traditions and texts. He has spoken on various subjects ranging from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, to different forms of Devi, etc.  Along with musicians, he has conceptualized thematic productions, focussing on the intersection of music and spirituality. He has worked with musicians such as Ramakrishnan Murthy, Vivek Sadasivam, Sumesh Narayananan etc. These productions have been staged across various cities. Vinay is a lyricist by passion and writes pallavi lyrics, tuned and sung by musicians such as Vidushis Ranjani & Gayatri. He has co-translated the kritis of Yogi Nareyana of Kaiwara. Vinay’s fascination for watercolours makes him explore Puranic and musical ideas through paintings. He is an architect by training.

Kruthi Vittal


Kruthi Vittal, a young prodigious star in the field of Indian Classical Music, is a world-renowned versatile musician whose professional accomplishments include studio recordings, television, radio, concerts, festivals and educational courses. As a top-class Indian classical musician of her generation, who shifted from the United States to take up music full-time, she is a conservator of her genre’s unique beauty and also preserves ancient tradition as she continues to innovate within it.

Perfection of sruti (pitching), powerful voice control, rich imagination and impeccable aesthetics which reflect the timeless values of classicism are some of the qualities that describe the music of Kruthi. Above all this, it is the capacity to deeply experience and enjoy what she sings, that takes her music to an entirely different plane.

She has performed extensively at prestigious platforms all around the globe and has numerous titles and awards to her credit including a direct double promotion & upgradation by All India Radio Doordarshan to A grade recently, youngest recipient of the title “Kala Rathna” from Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and Jaya TV Carnatic Idol Title Winner. She is also a computer science graduate, proficient in the Indian & Western violin, Bharathanatyam and Acrylic/Pastel painting.

B K Raghu


B K Raghu started learning violin at a tender age of 8 years. He has performed at various prestigious concert halls all over India and abroad. Has about 20 years of experience in the Indian Classical Carnatic Music field.

An “A” graded artiste from the All India Radio, Bangalore. Performed at Tanzania, Dubai, France, US & Canada Music festivals.

Recipient of the “Kishora Prathibhe” award from the Karnataka Government. Performed in the presence of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India. He was awarded as the Best Solo Performer at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja music concert competition. Have performed at various important music festivals held in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. Recipient of scholarship from C.C.R.T. New Delhi (Center for Cultural Resources and Training).

B S Prashanth


B S Prashanth is the disciple of Vidwans Sri K N Krishnamurthy and Sri C P Vyasa Vittala presently under the tutelage of Mridangam Maestro Sri Patri Satish Kumar. He is A Grade artiste of the Prasar Bharathi and has been performing with legendary musicians of the country for the past 24 years. He has been awarded the Best Mridangam Artiste award by the Madras Music Academy four times. He has received the best Mridangam accompanist award by Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts Mumbai. He has been honoured with the “Asthana Vidwan” of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. He has received many titles namely “Nandi Vidya Visharada”, “Sunaada Vidya Nidhi” and many more from reputed Sangeetha Sabhas.