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Actor & Theatre Enthusiast
Theatre Artist, Producer & Educator
Director, Writer & Actor
Actor & Radio Jockey

Date & Time

Tuesday Tue, 28 Feb 2023



Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

The performance consists of six monologues, 90 minutes in total and is in English and Tamil, with English subtitles.

Every story should be heard regardless of the gender, race and community. In this show, we focus on men who have got different stories to tell.

There is no denying that we live in a highly patriarchal society where rules and norms formed and upheld by men control and dictate the lives of women, children and sometimes even their own. But, as there are two sides to a coin, we are going to explore the other side, a small percentage of men who break the stereotype of what being a man means.

Work troubles the passion or passion troubles the work: An IT engineer who does theatre as his passion, on one hand he is worried about the application bugs he has to fix and on the other hand he needs to learn the monologue for his upcoming play! He is confused about what is what!

Father and son: A telling of a son’s experience and understanding of his own journey and that of his father’s journey through life and its many societal norms.

Who am I?: We are our education, nationality, language, money, etc. We think we are something until the question hits us ‘Who am I?’ Have you been hit by this question?

About Me by Amulya Shruthi: A guy realizes that he is fading from his feet upwards. He has about 3 months before he completely fades away and is looking for love that will last 3 months.

Vettiyan Iravu (About a man who works at a graveyard): Night at a graveyard brings fears of bonfires, burning corpses, the full moon and ghosts. But Vettiyaan, who is in the fire every day, is not afraid of such things. But what if something terrible were to happen?

‘O That This Too Too Solid Flesh Would Melt’, Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 2: A presentation of a monologue from “Hamlet”, one of Shakespeare’s most philosophical plays.

In collaboration with:


Paul Vannan

Actor & Theatre Enthusiast

Paul Vannan is a theatre enthusiast. He started his theatre journey in 2019 when he happened to attend a theatre acting workshop course. It was at that moment that he felt a strong passion for this art form. Since then, he has acted in six plays with different productions.

Craig Lobo

Theatre Artist, Producer & Educator

Craig Lobo juggles many roles in the performing arts, including being a showrunner, theatre artist, and educator. He is passionate about creating viable careers for people within the performing arts by working with production houses and universities.

Prasanna Ramkumar

Director, Writer & Actor

Prasanna Ramkumar works with multidisciplinary theatre groups and individuals. His longest stint was with Koothu-p-pattarai for a period of 7 years. He works in several roles, including directing, acting and writing.


Actor & Radio Jockey

Jimmy has been practicing theatre for almost 25 years and has close to a thousand shows under his belt. He runs a theatre company, Jugaad Co. with his wife Anna Thomas. They perform across the country, and are currently showcasing a play for toddlers, called, “The Day the Crayons Quit”. Jimmy is also a well known RJ, wo hosts the morning show on Radio Mirchi 95 FM from 7am – 12 pm everyday.

Sai Vignesh Srinivasan


Sai Vignesh Srinivasan is a theatre artist at Theatrekaran, who has also acted in several short films advertisements.

Niranjan Karthikeyan


Niranjan Karthikeyan holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from the Manipal Institute of communication. Right from his school days, he has had a penchant for theatre which he has showcased in multiple performances on stage and on screen. He wishes to pursue a career in theatre which will foreground his histrionic skills.