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Date & Time

Sunday Sun, 31 Mar 2024


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

The aim is to present a performative piece with story and song, based on the values of trust, surrender and love. The storytelling is based on Deepa’s lived experiences during the pandemic from Delhi to Auroville in 2020, on a cycle without phone & money. These stories will be complemented and enriched with songs by Anahita based on Sufi and Nirgun Bhakti poetry.

Deepa’s storytelling comes from a space of intuition, honesty and vulnerability. She talks as openly about the gifts received on this journey, as she does about the struggles and difficulties that came along the way. Her style of narration is engaging and immersive, taking the audience on a journey within themselves.

Anahita sings the works of mystic poets like Kabir, Khusro, Bulleh Shah, and others, and explores how we relate to them in our own lives. She would weave this poetry in folk, Hindustani classical and qawwali styles of singing.

As Anahita sings songs, Deepa will narrate stories from her journey, thus making this collaboration akin to a bridge that connects the root ideas reflected in mystic poetry from centuries ago, to the lived experience based on these very ideas in the 21st century.

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Anahita is a singer of mystic poetry. Singing sufi and nirgun songs is her way of expressing her deepest self, and a constant reminder to be aware and compassionate in her own journey. She sings works of poets including Amir Khusro, Kabir, Bulleh Shah, Meerabai, Sultan Bahu, and others, woven in different styles of music and loves to share them with people who are keen to receive from the heart.



Deepa, is the founder of (inter) nationally acclaimed alternative initiatives in: gift culture, zero waste lifestyle, minimalism, slow travel, flow funds, reclaiming your food one pot at a time, living a self designed- intentional- deschooled life etc. For the last decade she has been exploring spirituality through various mediums. The last 1.3 years were spent traveling through Brazil and Germany sharing these experiences- अनुभव, rooted in lived practices in daily life. She is in India now, living nomadically with whoever invites her, expanding her definition of home, friends and family.