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Musician, Founder & CEO, Baithak Foundation
Musician, Co-Founder, Baithak Foundation

Mandar and Dakshayani discovered saint poetry through traditional and ritual music. The dynamic medium of music was the key to an inter-generational treasure of memories. Even before the words revealed their meaning they were singing about pain, illusion, suffering and the ultimate joy. This immersion naturally became expression and Mandar started composing the unusual works he encountered. The walking on this pathless land has created a collection of more than 40 composed poems from saints like Kabir, Raidas, Sahajobai, Tukaram, Dyaneshwar, Dadu Dayal, Yari Sahab, Muktabai, Meerabai and many more.

Mandar and Dakshayani string together a collection of these composed works interspersed with their personal stories of discovery. Their performance is a joyous celebration of relationships and serendipity. This will be an evening of sharing the processes of discovering works and uncovering the layers of meanings they hold.

The evening presents original and evocative compositional works presented by an ensemble of passionate musicians.

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Dakshayani Athalye

Musician, Founder & CEO, Baithak Foundation

Dakshayani is deeply impacted by the transformational power of Indian Traditional Arts. Her education of Law from ILS Law College, a Masters degree from Tata Institute Of Social Sciences in Mumbai with multiple years of experience of working with NGOs broadened her perspective on challenges, solutions and approaches to thinking about change. She is the founder and CEO of Baithak Foundation, a Pune based NGO working that is revolutionising Traditional Music and Dance immersion and education. Dakshayani is also a trained Kirtankar (a traditional performative form of musical storytelling.)

Mandar Karanjkar

Musician, Co-Founder, Baithak Foundation

Mandar is a passionate believer in the power of music as a tool for human development. He is a performer, composer and tutor along with being a communication consultant. Mandar draws from rich corporate work experience and conducts corporate training and talks. He studied engineering at COEP, Pune. He is a published author with three books. Mandar continues to be a student of Indian Khayal Music and has been fortunate to learn from late Pt. Purushottam Kaslikar and late Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh. He is currently receiving taleem from Pt. Vivek Joshi. Mandar is also a co-founder of Baithak Foundation that currently works with a network of more than 100 traditional musicians, 40 Govt. schools and reaches 3000+ children through its various initiatives.

Leeladhar Chakradeo


Leeladhar is a versatile harmonium player both as an accompanist as well as a soloist. He began his training under Shri. Sanjay Gogte and pursued further training Dr. Chaitanya Kunte. He has completed his Masters in Music and is a recipient of the Govt. of India Scholarship for musicians.

Pranav Gurav


Pranav comes from a family of musicians and he began learning music from a tender age. His father, a tabla player himself, taught Pranav the early lessons in music. Later he began his tabla education under Pt. Nana Mulay followed by rigorous training under Shri. Suresh Samant. He is currently training under Guru Dr. Aneesh Pradhan. Pranav has also completed his Masters in Music.