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Folk Singer - Songwriter
Musician, Illustrator & Music Therapist

Date & Time

Wednesday Wed, 24 May 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

An intimate space that will take you through an experience that explores the relationship between music and stories of culture and nature in Manipur, and how music can provide the support, the strength and the space needed in the process of internal healing and emotional well-being.





Chaoba Thiyam

Folk Singer - Songwriter

Chaoba Thiyam is a folk singer-songwriter from Manipur.

His original works incorporate elements from the oral tradition concerning the nature of storytelling inherent in the folk tunes from the soil of Manipur.

His music indulges listeners to reflect on the nature of truth and reality encompassing environment consciousness, transcendental themes, and the appreciation of folk wisdom and its austere beauty with the intent to bring about a cultural and artistic liberation.

He contemporises the tunes of old and re-introduces them to the hearts and consciousness of the younger generation in Manipur and the rest of the world as well.


Kamal Laisram

Musician, Illustrator & Music Therapist

Kamal is a Musician, Illustrator and Music Therapist from Bangalore/Manipur.

Better known as the guitarist/songwriter of erstwhile experimental/alternative rock band – Lounge Piranha, he is also the C.E.O of Hoirong, and makes a living as a music therapist.

His solo material has been described by Laura Castellino as: “Meaningful, deep with an alternative edge.

Music that drives home the reality of the essence of being, while drawing an undercurrent of ageless freedom laid bare by deeper truth, revealing a knowing of purpose, and of self that makes all else seem fleeting, superficial, dismissible, leaving in its wake a shimmering of faith, of hope. Hauntingly realistic! ”