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Date & Time

Fri, 24 Mar 2023 Sun, 26 Mar 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

March 24 | 6pm – 9pm
March 25 | 10am – 9pm
March 26 | 10am – 9pm

Artificial intelligence meets environmental consciousness in a powerful line-up of climate change-inspired, immersive AI Art installations that are accessible all day!

Asthir Gehrayee: Creating Depth to Heal the Ocean
This artwork invites you to an immersive, interactive journey to the depths of the ocean, reminding us of its fragility and dangers, inspiring action towards preservation. Join in for an enchanting and empowering odyssey towards oceanic conservation.
Artists: Monica Hirano (Brazil), Sayli Kulkarni (India), David McFarlane (UK), Jaime Jackson (UK) and Irini Kalaitzidi (UK)
Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Within Fellowship

Only A Game(?)
Experience an interactive adventure that combines generative AI art with climate science to tackle global warming. Join the playful revolution, discover individual responsibility, and have fun!
Artists: Pritha Kundu (India), Tiz Creel (UK) and Fabian Raith (Germany)
Supporting Artists: David McFarlane (UK) and Tanya Saxena (India)
Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Within Fellowship

Where Do I Come From? Where Do I Go? 
Experience an AI-powered art installation where performers are immersed in the waste they created, exposing the relationship between humans and garbage. This thought-provoking visual display urges reflection on our consumption habits and encourages action towards sustainability.
Artists: Malavika PC (India), Papia Chakraborty (India) and Asli Dinc (Germany)
Supporting Artists: Pritha Kundu (India)
Supported by the Goethe Institut Bangalore as a part of the BeFantastic Within Fellowship

Wood Wide Web
Explore the Wood Wide Web and experience forests through skeletal tracking and AI. Hear the stories of ancient and endangered trees, and join them in the fight against climate change to protect our planet.
Artists: Kanchan Joneja (India) and Kristina Pulejkova (UK)
Supporting Artists: Anupam Mahajan (India) and Cameron Naylor (UK)
Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Beyond Programme

Give me a Sign
This interactive installation combines Indian classical dance with machine learning, allowing users to explore stories and predictions through mudras, or symbolic hand gestures. ‘Shunya,’ a child-like AI, guides the conversation, making for a unique and engaging experience.
Artists: Diane Edwards (UK) and Upasana Nattoji Roy (India)
Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Beyond Programme

Poetics of Garbage | Plastic Prāyaścitta
This art piece is a captivating blend of the human form, the written word, and advanced predictive technology. The transformation of waste into something useful and culturally iconic, like a costume, through a ritualistic performance, is a call to action, urging us to look beyond the surface of waste and explore its potential to create something of greater value and importance.
Artists: Aashna Arora (India), Bruce Gilchrist (UK), Chaitali Kulkarni (India) and Thaniya Kanaka Mahalakshmi (India)
Supported by the India-UK Together Season of Culture by the British Council as a part of the BeFantastic Beyond Programme

Future City
Experience Future City, an immersive Augmented Reality installation that merges technology, art, and sustainability. Step into a parallel universe where urban mobility is re-imagined in an environmentally sustainable light and shape the future of climate action.
Artists: Jhatkaa.org (India) & Think Happy Everyday (India)

CAON — Control And Optimize Nature
To mitigate global warming and species extinction, scientists are using genetic engineering, synthetic biology, and machine learning. The CAON has created a speculative ecosystem that showcases how AI can help create and optimize synthetic species to survive in a challenging environment, allowing you to observe and assist them in adapting to their surroundings through an AI simulator.
Artists: Marc Lee (Switzerland)
Brought to FutureFantastic by Swiss Arts Council – Pro Helvetia, New Delhi

On the Essex marshes in the UK, AI-generated digital birds transform familiar landscapes into a hybrid of nature and technology, creating a visual dialogue between real and digital flocks. This re-imagined childhood memory disrupts and augments the natural ecology with artificially generated birdsong.
Artist: Jake Elwes (UK)

How to Make An Ocean
The artist collected tears since 2019 after losing loved ones and during COVID-19, exploring their chemical composition to create a healthy marine ecosystem. The artwork invites viewers to shed tears and is a tribute to the power of human emotion, encouraging empathy and action in the face of global challenges.
Artist: Kasia Molga (Poland / UK)
This work was realised within the framework of a European Media Art Platform (EMAP) residency program at Ars Electronica, Linz, co-funded by the European Union. This presentation was co-funded by IMPAKT.

Those Who Were Living
The artwork features photographs of extinct and endangered animals, as well as mythical creatures, to reflect on a world without humans and ecosystems. It urges viewers to consider the impact of human actions on the environment and the importance of preservation.
Artists: Sofy Yuditskaya (USA), Vaporstack (USA)
Year: 2023

A New Nature Documentary
New Nature is a 21-minute documentary exploring the relationship between technology, narratives, and decolonial practices in the context of our changing relationship with the environment. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough’s AI-generated voice, the installation challenges colonial and extractive views of nature and prompts us to reflect on our impact on the natural world.
Artists: Agat Sharma (India/Netherlands)
Year: 2022
This artwork was created by the artist in a collective called Intimidation Tactics with Julia van der Putten (Netherlands), George Demetriou (Cyprus), Naomi Collier Broms (Netherlands)

The Lost Passage 
An installation that portrays the captive transportation of passenger pigeons, once a flock of over 5 billion, now extinct due to human intervention. Using machine learning algorithms, the digital landscape presents each pigeon as a haunting ghost, forever trapped in a digital cage, and serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of human actions on the environment.
Artists: Amay Kataria (USA)
Year: 2021
This project was developed under the mentorship of Ong Kian-Peng during the BeFantastic Together Fellowship (2021) supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi,  US Embassy Singapore & Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

A Synthetic Song Beyond the Sea
Whales and humans share a common ancestor and have evolved together, possessing similar traits like intellect, language, and social structure. By creating music that unites human music and blue whale vocalisations, we can glimpse a future of coexistence, where we understand and appreciate these majestic creatures.
Artist: Unhappy Circuit (Korea)
Year: 2019
Supported by Korea Creative Content Agency and Art Center Nabi and brought to FutureFantastic by the InKo Centre, Chennai

Lakeside Echo
The water resource simulation system integrates art and technology through Jiayu Liu’s “cave” art language, using particles to represent water molecules and their quality/quantity, while alerting the audience with an alarm bell. The “Time, Space, and People system” represents changes in the water system and emphasizes humanity’s connection to the universe.
Artist: Jiayu Liu (UK/China)
Year: 2023
Supported by the British Council’s India-UK Together Season of Culture 

NFT Gallery
Tezos India is exhibiting a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from the Tezos Ecosystem. These NFTs are selected and organized by Tezos India Arts & Culture. Tezos is a blockchain technology that operates on a Proof of Stake mechanism, which is energy-efficient and can upgrade itself automatically. On average, the energy usage of Tezos is equivalent to that of only 17 individuals worldwide.
ArtistsCurated artists from Tezos NFT platforms

Going Circular
The exhibit “Going Circular” traces human evolution and showcases the interconnectedness of our planet’s systems, highlighting the impact of human activities on the environment and encouraging a shift towards a circular economy for a sustainable future. It celebrates human progress, showcases the beauty of nature, and emphasizes the need for visitors to adopt circular practices.
Artist(s): TCS Rapid Labs

The Cost of Inaction
This installation showcases real climate crisis events in Bangalore and other cities, aiming to raise awareness and inspire immediate action to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. It serves as a wake-up call for society to take a more active role in fighting climate change and encourages individuals and communities to protect our planet.
Artist(s): TCS Rapid Labs

In finalforest.exe, we witness a sentient AI simulation wandering an infinite tropical forest while a disembodied voice whispers ancient secrets. The work remixes Indian caste society’s mythic narratives through folklore, urban legends, conspiracies, archaeological records, and science fiction.
Artist: Sahej Rahel