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Research Associate, IIHS
Consultant , Media Lab, IIHS

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Tuesday Tue, 12 May 2020


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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“It is impossible to forget such events and if things change for the better after them, then it is good. But if nothing changes then it just exists in our minds as a bad period in our lives, in the history of our people.”- Survivor, Cyclone Gaja ’18.

When everything is swept away or swallowed by the earth, history lives on in memory. When development plans and government documents display a picture of successful recovery, loss, destruction and memory beg to differ. At Exploring Exciting Texts XXVIII, guests Yashodara Udapa and Jasmitha Arvind will present snippets of their research ‘Recovery with Dignity.’ Through accounts from survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and 2018 Cyclone Gaja, they will share their learnings on challenges to long term recovery and how the recollection of a disaster plays a role in recovery and development. Exploring Exciting Texts XXVIII discusses the road from relief to recover and asks the question – when tangible proof ceases to exist, can memory serve as archive? 



About Exploring Exciting Texts:

Exploring Exciting Texts, that began in 2017, is a series of monthly events that use a text as a starting point to generate conversation around a particular theme. The programme was started in 2017 by Indian Ensemble with the aim to engage with different kinds of texts and debates, and is now run by Bangalore based theatre group, KathaSiyah.


Jasmitha Arvind

Research Associate, IIHS

Jasmitha Arvind is a Research Associate at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. She works on the project “Recovery with Dignity”, which examines post-disaster recovery processes in Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Kerala. She has previous experience working on urban futures, urban resilience and environmental vulnerabilities of coastal communities. 

Yashodara Udupa

Consultant , Media Lab, IIHS

Yashodara is a part of the Media Lab at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. Her work has focused on issues such as human rights, culture and the city. What draws her to the visual medium is the ability to depict and share an experience with audiences from distant geographical, social and cultural spaces. She is a part of the core team that organises the annual Urban Lens film festival which brings together filmmakers, academics, students and the community to use cinema as a starting point for a dialogue on reflecting on the cities we create and live in.