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Actor & Dancer
Actor & Musician
Actor & Director

75 minutes | Gibberish | Suitable for Ages 15+

Hang-in-There! is a theatrical clowning show that talks about the nose-sense world of a grumpy clown’s boutique and what happens when a Kathak clown dances right into it as a customer. It talks about women’s bodies and how their body shapes make them conscious of what they wear. It makes a statement on the so-called ideal body type which also has to do with how the fashion designing industry moulds everyone’s perception about clothing. So, witness the new trend setters in town!


In the vibrant world of Hang-in-There!, audiences are introduced to an elegant Owner-clown, whose passion for fashion drives her to create unique designs that defy convention. When the graceful Kathak-clown enters her shop seeking the perfect outfit for her performance, their encounter sets off a chain of hilarious misadventures.

As the Owner-clown showcases her quirky designs, the Kathak-clown struggles with insecurities about her body image, leading to a series of comical fights and follies! With a whistle in hand and a playful demeanor, the referee-clown enters to conduct a fight between them but soon realizes that she made a huge mistake when the other two clowns, instead of fighting, team up and unleash their mischief on the referee clown. This is likely done with cunning and strategy to prevent her from doing her job, which forces her to leave the space in a huff!

However, amidst the chaos, a heartwarming friendship begins to blossom between the two clowns, as they learn to embrace each other’s quirks and celebrate the joy of living in the moment. In a whirlwind of excitement and celebration, the fashion show unfolds, with all the clowns captivating the audience with their graceful movements and mischief-filled smiles. As the models strut down the catwalk in the Owner-clown’s quirky creations, the boutique shop is transformed into a dazzling spectacle of style and creativity when the audience is also invited to try out the designs!

Hang-in-There! taps on the themes of ‘Friendship’, ‘Self-acceptance’ and ‘Pursuing one’s dreams’ woven throughout the story. The Kathak-clown’s struggles with body image insecurities highlight the importance of self-acceptance and learning to embrace oneself, flaws and all. Meanwhile, the Owner-clown’s passion for fashion and her determination to create unique designs reflect the theme of pursuing one’s dreams despite obstacles or setbacks. Hang-in-There! is not just a play; it’s an immersive journey into the world of laughter, friendship, and fashion. With its unique blend of physical comedy, audience engagement, and thought-provoking themes, the play promises an unforgettable experience for all. From the uproarious antics of the clowns to the dazzling spectacle of the fashion show, each moment is infused with energy, creativity, and heart. So come join us for an evening of fun, reflection, and sheer entertainment. Let’s hang in there together and discover the magic that lies within the joy of living in the moment.



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Kalyan Mudris


Kalyan Mudris, from Indore, is currently pursuing architecture in Ahmedabad. For the past eight years, he has been learning tabla under various gharanas, which has deepened his appreciation for percussive music. He firmly believes that music transcends language and is a tangible manifestation of human emotion.

Mayuri Ravindra

Actor & Dancer

Mayuri Ravindra is a Mumbai based actor and Kathak dancer who takes deep interest in various performative arts like acting, dance, direction, movement and clowning. Mayuri has been actively involved in the theatre scene for the past decade. She is a trained actor from the Drama School Mumbai.

Having acted in over ten plays, co-written and directed some of them, she has worked with some esteemed directors like Mitali Joshi for Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Yatanaghar, Bruce Guthrie (head of the theatre department of NCPA) for Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. Contributed as a movement director and assistant director for NCPA’s connections festival India with Padma Damodaran and as a performer and assistant writer for a dance drama production directed by Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee Guru Rajashree Shirke for NSD’s Bharangam, 2024.

In addition to her stage work, her short film ‘It’s Ok’ was selected for the official screening at PISFF.
Currently she is exploring the realm of clowning with the play Hang-in-There by PBT. She is deeply committed to exploring the visceral connection between art and the human body fostering a transformative connection between audience and art.

Jaydev Bhanushali

Actor & Musician

Jaydev Bhanushali is a Theatre actor and a Musician from Ahmedabad. He has acted and assisted in plays of all three languages Hindi, Gujarati and English. Jaydev is also a two time RSL West India Zone highest achiever in contemporary music and a performer and composer.

Paridhi Bhandari

Actor & Director

Paridhi Bhandari is an actor, director, theatre facilitator, and practitioner. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media (Advertising) from Mumbai. Her interest in theatre began in college, leading to her role in a TEDxHindujaCollege show (2018). Paridhi gained experience with Juhi Babbar at the Kalaghoda Art Festival (2018) and worked on 10+ theatre productions. She stage-managed “Raamji Kab Aayenge” and played a stepmother in “Tughlaq” (2019), showcased at Ranga Shankara, Veda Factory, Pune Theatre Festival, and Chandigarh Theatre Festival.

Paridhi directed and edited the short film “Koshish” (2019), nominated at Shoted. She earned a scholarship at Drama School Mumbai (2020) and performed in “Ilhaam” (2020), directed by Sapan Saran. In Ahmedabad, she assistant-directed “Crumbs” (2021) and performed “Woh Ladkiyon Waala Natak” at Jairangam Festival (2023). She also served as a theatre facilitator at Ahmedabad International School (2023-24).

Paridhi launched PBT Productions (2023) and presented the Clowning show “Hang-in-there!” selected for Thespo(Mumbai), KISS(Chennai) and Pipedream(Ahmedabad) festivals (2023). She is active with Rangbhoomi Applied Theatre and has performed for companies like Asian Paints and Tata AIA. She has also conducted workshops for Karnavati University and ELICIT.

Nia Shah


Nia joined the world of theatre in 2021 and has been a part of various plays ever since. Before entering theatre, she practiced and performed kathak for 9 years. Storytelling is what drives her whether it is through music, dance or theatre.

Snigdha Mukta


Snigdha enjoys the rains and follows the advice of masquerading as an artist for 2 hours a day.