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Historian & Ecologist
Senior Advisor, International Plant Protection Convention

Date & Time

Sunday Sun, 30 Aug 2020

Location (for BIC Venue, BIC Hybrid and BIC Cafe)

Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India
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The demise of Richard Grove in June 2020 leaves both a void that will be hard to fill and a legacy that will challenge scholars and thinkers on our environmental dilemmas in this still young century. His doctoral thesis from Cambridge revised and published under the intellectually original and provocative title Green Imperialism in 1995 opened new windows on our shared pasts. In later years, his work on El Nino set the stage for connected histories of climate change and human endeavour. HIs legacy as a scholar will reach out to many who were not privileged enough to study or work with him. His ideas will challenge, stimulate and push us to new horizons.

For a historian of India of the last two centuries such as this speaker, Grove’s work continues to be a beacon to go beyond established categories and think afresh and anew. A slew of recent works shows deep promise in connected histories and also placing events and changes of the recent past in context of a much longer history of human interactions with the environment. To comprehend our present needs us to keep asking where we are and how we got here and why. In this small way his dream will live on and the fire stays aglow.

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Mahesh Rangarajan

Historian & Ecologist

Mahesh Rangarajan teaches History and Environmental Studies at Ashoka University, Sonipat, Haryana, India. He studied at the universities of Delhi and Oxford. He was a Rhodes Scholar. He has taught at the universities of Cornell, Jadavpur and Delhi and headed the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. Fencing the Forest( 1996) was his first book and Nature and Nation(2015) the most recent. Co edited works include India’s Environmental History ( 2012) , Nature without Borders( 2014) and At Nature’s Edge(2018).

Ralf Lopian

Senior Advisor, International Plant Protection Convention

Ralf Lopian holds an agronomic degree from the University of Kassel (Germany) and specialized in plant protection. He has held various positions with the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Helsinki, the National Plant Protection Service of Finland, and the Secretariats of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Ralf joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland in 1994 and was head of its Plant Protection Section until 2001. Since 2001, he has taken on the responsibilities for the coordination of international plant health affairs in his ministry. Moreover, he was the chairperson and vice-chair of the Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures of the IPPC. Ralf is also a member of the Council of EPPO as well as a long-serving Finnish representative to the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee of WTO. Ralf has been chair and delegate in numerous working groups of the EU Commission and Council, EPPO and the IPPC. He is the Chair of the FAO International Steering Committee for the International Year of Plant Health.