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Date & Time

Wednesday Wed, 15 May 2024


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

Exordium is a modern Indian dance theatre production aimed at discussing the contemporary social and political human structures through innovative Indian dance.

The production presents 2 full length pieces Yele Oota (‘Grand meal’ in Kannada) and Jaaga Illa (lack of space in Kannada). Yele Oota talks about our response and participation as a human community in the food shortage and management crisis, particularly during covid, through intricately designed movement pieces and dramatic compositions, whereas, Jaaga Illa speaks of the impact of hyper-metropolitanism on cities (here we specifically talk about the impact on Bengaluru) through multiple retinal designs and innovative movement grammar performed on a small wooden box.

Dancers: Vishwakiran Nambi, Shrijani Rao, Priyanka Saxena, Simran Thakur, Ananya S Kashyap, Bhuvana V, Dinesh Kumar RA, Ranjini Hemanth
Music: Gopu Krishnan
Lyrics: Kiran Kaverappa
Costumes: Sumukha P Tamankar
Props: Vishwakiran Nambi
Pictures: Sushrutha


Vishwakiran Nambi


The Founder-Director of the company Vishwakiran Nambi is an award-winning choreographer who works from Bengaluru, karnataka. His work explores concepts of beauty, discrimination, anthropology, and politics. As the former Principal Dancer at Nritarutya, Bengaluru, he branched into Dance Film direction and choreography with the multi-award winning short dance film ‘The Kitchen’. His works ‘Pyre,’ ‘The kitchen,’ ‘Yele Oota’, and ‘Jaaga Illa’ were official selections in several international dance festivals.

He established Vishwakiran Nambi Dance Company in the year 2018, which continues in the pursuit of dance filmmaking, movement art training, artistic curation and dance education. In the same year, he envisioned LOKA Studio for Movement Practices which was established under VNDC. The newly established studio was woven into a space that makes art accessible to the wide spectrum of both fledgling and seasoned movement artists.

Vishwakiran Nambi Dance Company


VNDC is a contemporary dance company who make art that reflects the cities and cultures that we live in. Besides stage work and commercial cinema in 4 southern industries, they also produce their own dance films that discuss current social and political human structures. They are also largely a training base for young dance professionals (through their Loka training initiative) and young students at universities and schools.

Their philosophy is ‘Art for everyone and everyone for art’. Art is part of their collective history and touches everything ordinary and extraordinary. From fruit & vegetable vendors, the garland maker, the chef to even the tea brewer, people whose sense of aesthetics go beyond the awe-inspiring nature of art and art forms, and they strive to rekindle the curiosity that sustains life and living.