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Date & Time

Sat, 25 Mar 2023 Sun, 26 Mar 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

Join us as we explore the intersection of art, AI, technology, and climate through the lens of industry leaders and domain experts!

Day 2 | March 25 | Saturday

Talking Back: A Conversation on Generative AI for the 21st Century
11am | Auditorium

The larger question around generative AI tools continues to persist: what are the societal implications of accepting this technological fate as definite? Curated by Digital Futures Lab, ‘Talking Back: A Conversation on Generative AI for the 21st Century’, is a panel discussion on what we should preempt, practice and prepare for within our ever-evolving collective digital futures.
Speakers: Anupam Guha (India), Aarathi Ganeshan (India), Pranav Manjesh Bidare (India)
Moderator: Sasha John (India)

Curating for Climate
12noon | Auditorium

As the climate crisis continues to escalate, what is art’s role and response in dealing with a challenging present and a precarious future? Artists have long engaged with environmental issues and ecologies, enabling us to rethink our relationship with the planet and non-human perspectives, and more than ever before, art festivals and exhibitions are addressing urgent questions about the climate crisis. But how can art and arts organisations significantly contribute to these conversations and help drive change in attitudes? Can curators and artists help us engage with the world and ecosystems in non-exploitative ways, but also influence decision-makers and citizens to take action?
Speakers: Jahnavi Phalkey | Founding Director, Science Gallery Bengaluru (India), Arjon Dunnewind | Director Impakt Festival (The Netherlands), Ravi Agarwal | Founder Director, Toxics Link (India), Christl Baur | Head of Ars Electronica Festival (Austria)
Moderator: Irini Papadimitriou | Creative Director, FutureEverything  (UK)

Day 3 | March 26 | Sunday

Navigating Change: From Climate Chaos to Climate Adaptation
11am | Auditorium

A thought-provoking discussion on navigating change in the face of climate chaos. Exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, and discussing strategies for adapting to a rapidly changing world, climate experts to concerned citizens are all welcome to join. From policy and technology to community engagement and individual action, this conversation will examine the many pathways toward a more sustainable future.
Speakers: Alison Barrett MBE | Country Director, British Council India, Dr. Lalitha Reji | Co-founder Tribal Health Initiative Sittilingi, Rajesh Krishnan | CEO, Thirunelly Agri Producer Company, Wayanad
Moderator: Benson Issac | Trustee, Samvada (India)

AI Art: A Marriage of Heaven and Hell?
12noon | Auditorium

Artists have always experimented with new technologies and materials to reflect upon and express their interpretations of our world, and AI is no exception. However, the engine that drives AI is fuelled by a maximalist and extractive consumption of resources, resulting in a strange irony when it is used for creating art that offers a commentary on climate change and the devastation of our global environment. In this workshop, we will be debating whether it is at all possible to create AI art that is environmentally and ethically responsible, or whether it is a necessary compromise that is justified by AI art’s ability to creatively communicate stories and truths that might help turn the tide of ecocide.
Speakers: Jake Elwes (UK),  Vishal Kumaraswamy (India), Dr. Dani Admiss
Moderator: Padmini Ray Murray (India)