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Author & Professor of Geopolitics

Date & Time

Wednesday Wed, 18 Oct 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

In a world where more and more people burrow deeper into the silos of their way of thinking, the separation from an understanding of another view, much less an appreciation, is shrinking. In a healthy society, the moderate middle continues to grow at the expense of fringes competing against each other in deepening the wells of hate and misunderstanding. As a consequence, the reality of each of us, of all of us, belonging to a common humanity gets lost.

Three decades ago, it was pointed out by Prof. Nalapat that the cultural DNA of the people of India is a fusion of the Vedic, the Mughal and the Western, something that was termed “Indutva”. No strand can stand alone, and yet not just within countries but between countries, there are outlier states that believe they and they alone have the right to assume primacy, even dominance, over the rest.

In the 1930s in Europe, such a state, because it remained unchallenged throughout that decade, ignited a world war. The 21st century must not witness a similar holocaust, and such an outcome is preventable only through the coming together of those committed to the equality of nations and to a free, open and inclusive Global Commons that includes the entirety of the Indo-Pacific.

In Cold War 2.0, both the danger as well as the deterrent are presented. What happened in the 1930s must not be repeated in the 2030s. The time for prevention is now. The session will include a presentation by Prof Nalapat followed by a Q&A with the audience.


Madhav Das Nalapat

Author & Professor of Geopolitics

Madhav Das Nalapat was appointed the first Professor of Geopolitics in India by Manipal University in 1999, and concurrently UNESCO Peace Chair, positions he still holds. Earlier, he was Editor of the Mathrubhumi and subsequently the Times of India. He has originated several concepts in geopolitics, the latest being that Southern Asia (the arc stretching from West Asia to ASEAN) is the geopolitical hinterland of India, not just South Asia. He has lectured in universities across Europe, North America and Asia.

In August 2022, his book 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy was published by Rupa, followed in April 2023 by Geopolitics of the 21st century published by Manipal Universal Press. Cold War 2.0 Illusion versus Reality, published by Penguin, has reached bookstands in India and through Kindle, much of the rest of the world. He is married to Lakshmi Bayi, and shuttles between Manipal, Delhi and Trivandrum