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Philosophy Enthusiast & Musician

Date & Time

Sunday Sun, 31 Mar 2024


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

Traverse philosophical landscapes illuminated by the youthful wisdom captured in the writings of 18-year-old author Karan Lad.

His book, A Glitch in the Simulation, sheds light on how we inadvertently design the values and morality for the weakest while often forgetting the powerful. As we build faster cars, we forget the roads and laws that punish speeding; while we value the best designer wear, we are indifferent to the low wages paid to the workers who make it. The book discusses the paradox of our existence and seeks to search for new answers from a fresh pair of eyes with a challenging perspective. It unapologetically questions our belief system via the lens of a young man’s attempt to find his own meaning of life, happiness, purpose, and existence.

Joining the author in conversation about his early interest in philosophy, his journey toward getting published as a young writer, and his process will be philosophy enthusiast and jazz musician Abhijit Nath. The session ends with an audience Q&A.


Karan Lad


Karan Lad is a college student, an 18-year-old football enthusiast and fitness freak. He has nurtured his interest in art and cinema for the last couple of years and is considering further studies in the field of art & cinema. At an age when young people are mostly exploring various career streams, Karan is exploring philosophy.

Inspired by German writers and philosophers and Fredrick Nietzsche in particular, he has chosen writing as his medium to explore his thoughts and understand the world we live in today.

Encouraged by his parents Keerthi and Santosh Lad to choose his own career path, Karan’s journey as a young writer has jus tbegun.

Abhijit Nath

Philosophy Enthusiast & Musician

Abhijit works in venture capital with a focus on impact investing. He is also a Hindustani Classical and Jazz musician.

He’s super interested in literature and philosophy.