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“The Gift That Keeps Giving,” is a special five-part BIC Talks mini-series on the life and work of A.K. Ramanujan. Join us as we venture into the rich tapestry of Ramanujan’s legacy, featuring exclusive interviews with writers, artists, and scholars who share a profound connection with his work. With each episode, we unravel the enduring impact of Ramanujan’s poetry, translations, and scholarship, providing insights into the creative spirit that continues to inspire generations. Discover the man whose intellectual contributions remain a perpetual gift to the world of literature, art, and academic thought.

The fifth episode, “The Folklorist and His Legend,” delves into A.K. Ramanujan’s groundbreaking work as a folklorist, highlighting his dedication to preserving and interpreting the rich folklore traditions of South Asia. Through his meticulous collection and insightful analysis of folk tales, songs, and rituals, Ramanujan revealed the complex layers of meaning and cultural significance embedded in these oral traditions. Featuring interviews with anthropologists, folklorists, and those who were directly influenced by his work, this episode uncovers the ways in which Ramanujan’s scholarship has shaped our understanding of folklore as a vibrant, living form of cultural expression. We celebrate Ramanujan’s legacy as a folklorist who not only documented these stories but also illuminated their enduring relevance and power, cementing his status as a legend in the field.

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