Diya Ghar


BIC Stall Location

53 | Halls | I Floor

Organisation purpose / activities

Diya Ghar is an NGO with a heart for the migrant community. Diya Ghar started in 2016 with a vision for all children, irrespective of their economic status, to have access to stimulating and nurturing pre-school education. Until March 2020 we ran 3 Montessori Preschool and Day care Centres.

The pandemic changed the method of delivery – but not Diya Ghar’s heart for this community. In July 2020, we started Community Centres providing:

Early Childhood Education:  Children are given holistic education using the Montessori method

Nutrition: Every day children have lunch, milk, eggs, fruit, protein bars.

Health & Child Care:  We conduct quarterly health camps and support children who need treatment. We also provide clothes, slippers, blankets and hygiene kits.

Impact assessment


  • Children who attend regularly receive their daily nutritional intake and fall ill less often.
  • There is a 9X improvement in the oral hygiene.
  • There is a 10X improvement in personal hygiene.


  • Over 60% of children who attend regularly meet or exceed expectations in all areas of learning – Spoken English, Written English, Math and Kannada.
  • Over 90% of parents of children who attended regularly have committed to continue their education.
  • Over 75% of children who graduate enrol in Primary School.

Extent of focus in Bengaluru

Currently serving 650 children in 13 Communities in Bangalore