Zaid Hassan
Co-Founder Complexity University
Sweta Daga
Story Teller and Facilitator

Zaid Hassan and Sweta Daga discuss how systemic climate action is possible, and how significant climate change mitigation is possible by building thousands of teams to work on the challenge across the world. They discuss how the burden of climate action cannot be thrust onto individuals while the causes remain systemic, but argue for how cross-sectoral, local, action-oriented teams could lead the way.

Sweta Daga is a storyteller and facilitator who has told stories across platforms, from television and film to theatre. As a freelance journalist, she has worked in India focusing on climate justice with intersections in gender and equity. She has also facilitated workshops with change makers across the world on systemic change.

Zaid Hassan is co-founder of Complexity University and 10 in 10. He has 20 years of experience tackling complex social challenges. He has worked all over the world. His experiences range from working in rural India on reducing acute child malnutrition to tackling racism, violence and youth unemployment in inner city Chicago. Zaid has helped pioneer a new approach to tackling complexity involving people learning how to tackle their own challenges in partnership with experts. Zaid has supported and advised many organisations over the years including the World Bank. the UN, the Climate Action Network, WWF, Oxfam, as well as several governments. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Social Labs Revolution: A new approach to solving our most complex challenges.

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