Shoba Narayan
Author & Journalist
Mani Rao
Poet & Scholar

In this episode author Shoba Narayan discusses her new book Food and Faith – A Pilgrim’s Journey Through India with poet and scholar Mani Rao.

What is the role of religion in your life today? Do you commune with the divine through rituals? Or is it a comforting routine, going to church or temple once a week or month? Are these questions making you uncomfortable? Do you think religion is a private act to be done in the confines of one’s home, with family, and not something to declare publicly? These are the questions this book seeks to answer. Shoba Narayan travels across some of the most prominent places of worship in India and presents to her readers the mythologies, histories and contemporary relevance of these sites.

This podcast is an edited extract from the session that was part of the Bangalore Literature Festival 2020.

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