“The Gift That Keeps Giving,” is a special five-part BIC Talks mini-series on the life and work of AK Ramanujan. Join us as we venture into the rich tapestry of Ramanujan’s legacy, featuring exclusive interviews with writers, artists, and scholars who share a profound connection with his work. With each episode, we unravel the enduring impact of Ramanujan’s poetry, translations, and scholarship, providing insights into the creative spirit that continues to inspire generations. Discover the man whose intellectual contributions remain a perpetual gift to the world of literature, art, and academic thought.

The fourth episode, “The Poet,” casts a spotlight on AK Ramanujan’s profound contributions to poetry, showcasing his extraordinary talent for capturing the complexities of human emotion and experience. It delves into his poetic universe, where each verse weaves together the personal and the universal, the contemporary and the timeless. Featuring readings of his most celebrated poems and insights from fellow poets and literary critics, this episode reveals the layers of meaning and the linguistic mastery that mark Ramanujan’s poetry as a vital part of his legacy. “The Poet” invites listeners to experience the beauty and depth of Ramanujan’s work, highlighting his enduring influence on the literary world.

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