“The Gift That Keeps Giving,” is a special five-part BIC Talks mini-series on the life and work of A.K. Ramanujan. Join us as we venture into the rich tapestry of Ramanujan’s legacy, featuring exclusive interviews with writers, artists, and scholars who share a profound connection with his work. With each episode, we unravel the enduring impact of Ramanujan’s poetry, translations, and scholarship, providing insights into the creative spirit that continues to inspire generations. Discover the man whose intellectual contributions remain a perpetual gift to the world of literature, art, and academic thought.

The first episode, offers an intimate narrative through the eyes of a fictional, yet relatable reader, tracing their transformative encounter with the brilliance of AK Ramanujan. This opening chapter invites listeners to embark on their own voyage of discovery, tracing the contours of Ramanujan’s intellectual landscapes and delving into the essence of his work that continues to enchant and enlighten. Join us as we begin this exploration into the life and legacy of a man whose contributions are a ceaseless source of inspiration and wonder.

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