Parenting can be one of those challenges in life that never has any right answers. How do you enable another person to live up to their full potential in a healthy way while being mindful of their individuality and personality as well as taking care of yourself? Some have called it the ultimate crash course in adulting.

A large number of us have come to understand equity, equality and feminism later in life and are finding ways to live them now, including in the way we speak and work with our children.

What does feminist parenting look like? We seek answers in this three-part podcast series of BIC Talks. In this mini-series, we have Educator and Head of CSR, DXC India, Gauri Bhure Roy, and Tena Pick, Social Impact Consultant and Founder of Project Kal, taking us through the journey of feminist parenting. Gauri and Tena are co-founders of the feminist parenting collective, Parenthesis India.

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