Listen to the young changemakers who have weathered incredible adversities and pioneered programs that are changing the world.

Bringing awareness to the plight of disadvantaged children and youth was important to Rishi, a young teenager who was passionate about the happiness of the world. His sudden departure at the age of 17 years brought people together, bonded with grief and love, and the fire to continue what he started. In his memory, programs supporting these disadvantaged children have uncovered inspiring stories that are transformational.

This episode of BIC Talks brings you stories narrated by ordinary children who have experienced extraordinary hardship and faced tremendous loss. They were brave enough to find a doorway into the world that showed them that success is not determined by avoiding challenges, but how they allowed the challenges to shape them. They have become extraordinary individuals and beacons of inspiration to others. And in being a light for the world, they spread their resilience and joie de vivre to others, transforming the world. These are the changemakers.

This is an extract from a physical event that took place on August 19, 2022 at the BIC premises.