Episode 6 : Making of Modern Indian Theatre ft. Shanta Gokhale and Sunil Shanbag Part I

What was Girish’s impact on the national theatre scene? Did his plays influence or inspire other playwrights and theatre makers? Part 1 of this 2-part episode features Shanta Gokhale and Sunil Shanbag remembering the exhilaration of watching Hayavadana for the first time. They talk more about Girish’s major collaborators and what that meant as a newly independent nation developed its own norms of cultural expression.

Show Notes

  1. Girish Karnad on the Three Language Formula. (01:35)
  2. Girish Karnad on the traditional and the modern, in a 1989 publication of the Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature journal. (01:35)
  3. Sunil Shanbag on seeing Hayavadana directed by Satyadev Dubey. (4:59)
  4. Arshia Sattar on Girish Karnad’s modernity. (21:47)
  5. Sunil Shanbag on the role Girish Karnad played in his decision to become a director. (40:19)


  1. Shanta Gokhale and Sunil Shanbag in conversation with Girish Karnad.