Episode 4: The Art and Craft of Playwriting Part I

Girish was a Kannada playwright, but his knowledge of theatre came from all over the world and from many languages. We explore his relationship with English and other languages and literatures. Girish talks about his plays that he believes do not work, what he learned from them, and how he responded to their failure.

Show Notes

  1. A discussion between UR Ananthamurthy, Prasanna, and Girish Karnad about Girish Karnad’s role as a playwright. (01:17)
  2. Alyque Padamsee’s persuasion of Girish Karnad to translate Tughlaq to English, and more. (07:39)
  3. Girish Karnad on how he always translates his own plays to English. (08:48)
  4. An excerpt from Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq. 
  5. An A K Ramanujan Memorial lecture, delivered by Girish Karnad. (24:48)


  1. Girish Karnad interviewed by Arundhati Nag,  discuss theatre, translation and films. 
  2. Girish Karnad on the traditional and the modern, in a 1989 publication of the Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature journal. 
  3. A documentary on Girish Karnad’s life, directed by KM Chaitanya.