Manuja Veerappa
Sports Journalist
Nandini Kumar
Communication Specialist & Former Journalist
Sharda Ugra
Writer & Sports Journalist

At Tokyo 2020, the Indian women’s hockey team made history by reaching their maiden Olympic semifinals. There was heart break in the semi finals. However, irrespective of the result, these players had won the hearts of millions of followers in the country. The back stories of these gritty women make for compelling theatre – who they are, where they come from, how hockey has changed them – and, perhaps more importantly, how their success has changed the lives and the mindset of others back home. An expert panel of sports writers – Sharda Ugra, Manuja Veerappa and Nandini Kumar give us a peek into the journeys of the women who make up the Indian Hockey team.

This episode is an extract from a virtual panel discussion which took place on January 30, 2022.