This episode of BIC Talks features Srikrishna Ramamoorthy in conversation with founder and chairperson of Marico, Harsh Mariwala. While there’s a small chance his name may not ring a bell, most of us would have encountered the iconic blue and white Parachute coconut oil bottle at some point in life – one of several FMCG brands from the Marico stable. Harsh has played a key role in converting a traditional commodities driven family business into a leading consumer products and services company.

His recent book, Harsh Realities: The Making of Marico, co-authored with global business advisor,  Ram Charan, talks about two journeys – of Marico as a company and the personal one of Harsh while he learned, spotted opportunities and took risks in the building of the market entity. Having now stepped away from day to day operations, in this conversation Harsh talks about how he has to reimagine himself, while scripting new chapters in life and work; and his continuing quest to do more, be more and make a difference.