Dora Vargha
Historian of Medicine, Science & Technology
Jahnavi Phalkey
Historian of Science

The enduring persistence, resurgence and mutation of many epidemic diseases have made apparent the problematic nature of the ‘epidemic disease narrative’ in the 21st century. Through the lens of the history of polio vaccination and treatment from a seemingly peripheral, Eastern European perspective, Dora Vargha aims to shift our attention to question what, when, and for whom is an end of an epidemic ‘the end’, and what happens after.

This episode of BIC Talks is in association with Science Gallery Bengaluru and was originally part of their ongoing online exhibition season – Contagion, open until the 13th of June, 2021. Do visit bengaluru.sciencegallery.com for more talks and an exhibition experience of Contagion.

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