Furquan Moharkan
Senior Correspondent, Deccan Herald
Shreya Punj
Commissioning Editor, Penguin India

In early March 2020 as the shadow of the pandemic loomed large and uncertainty, financial and otherwise, was the order of the day, Yes Bank joined a parade of banking and financial scandals that arose due to malpractice. The moratorium on Yes Bank imposed by the Rserve Bank of India was the proverbial final straw.

Journalist Furquan Moharkan had been following this story long before it broke and his research and reporting is now the basis for the book, The Banker who Crushed his Diamonds

In conversation with Furquan is editor Shreya Punj, while taking us through what actually happened and how do we as citizens read the signs of an impending disaster.

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Furquan Moharkan is a Senior Correspondent with Deccan Herald . He covers banking, financial institutions, markets, investments and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Christ University and joined UBS’ India affiliate as an investment banker in the financial institutions group (FIG). Within a year, he answered his calling for writing and joined the business desk in Deccan Herald in Bengaluru.

Shreya Punj is Commissioning editor at Penguin India.