Thinking through Process – A Dramaturgy Workshop by Rustom Bharucha

A Bangalore International Centre (BIC) Masterclass
13 Dec – 17 Dec, 2021

This workshop will engage with some fundamental principles of dramaturgy relating to form, structure, concept, and intention. With the overall objective of creating new practices, the primary focus will be on the development of theatre projects via playwriting or devised theatre. While dramaturgy can be understood as the translation of concept into practice with theatre productions in mind, it has now come to be applied to other disciplines as well. In this context, the workshop on “Thinking Through Process” will also consider experiments in dance, movement, and installations with a performative dimension.

The overall purpose is to think through the possibilities of ongoing projects or emergent ideas for new creative work. Through conversation, discussion and exercises, these possibilities and ideas will be shared and questioned in a dialogical framework. How does one think through process? And what are some of the factors that need to be kept in mind in order to transform process into practice?

Since the workshop will attempt to focus on individual creative processes, it will be open to limited participants. While all participants will be expected to have some experience of the performing arts, the workshop is open to those who are at an early stage in their creative pursuits. Artists with an interdisciplinary background are encouraged to apply.

For those selected, the participant will not need to pay a fee for the workshop. However, any costs of travel to Bengaluru and local stay will need to be arranged by the participant. The 5-day workshop is likely to be around 30 hours with meetings of approximately 6 hours on a daily basis. Attendance is mandatory for all the sessions.

Rustom Bharucha, who will conduct the workshop, trained as a dramaturg at the Yale School of Drama between 1977-1980. He has since directed and conducted workshops in different parts of the world in India, the Philippines, South Africa, and Brazil. He has written a number of books on interculturality including Theatre and the World: Performance and the Politics of Culture, The Politics of Cultural Practice: Thinking through Theatre in an Age of Globalization, and Another Asia: Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin. His 9-episode video-lecture on “Theatre and the Coronavirus” can be accessed on the following link.

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