Walls – An Infinite Canvas | B•LORE by BIC

Film by Shruti Motta and LastBench Studio

Walls are generally associated with boundaries and limitations, but through street art, they become a medium for breaking boundaries. They begin to initiate conversations and hold the power to transform our views of cities, people and society.

With its roots in community murals, pop art and graffiti – street art is a powerful tool and one of the most influential movements today. In recent years, we have seen its growth in Bangalore. This documentary film urges us to pause and look at art hidden in the most mundane places, discovering how it entwines with the city’s history, and by doing so, lends a unique flavour to the city. There is humour, irony, absurdity – and if you look hard enough, perspective. The film features artists and wall-art enthusiasts, aiming to understand their ideas, motives and the influences behind their art.