The Big Urban Art Gallery | B•LORE by BIC

Film by Ritika Sanikere

Bengaluru is an urban art gallery in the making. The booming street art scene is breathing new life to the city and has welcomed many artists who are honouring our heritage, advocating for change, and celebrating culture. This short film brings street art and artists to the forefront. From beautiful murals that demand your attention to graffiti that fires up the imagination, and satirical, humorous one-liners that bring a chuckle to your face, art on the street is sure to provoke thought, ignite curiosity, and maybe even a conversation. The film focuses on the Malleshwaram Hogona project initiated by Bengaluru Moving, which supports sustainable mobility across the city, in collaboration with local artist collective Geechugalu. The project is a narrative trail that depicts local stories, its people, culture, nostalgia, and nods at certain social and environmental issues through art and design with the goal to make Malleshwaram more walkable. Details about the project are highlighted through interviews with artists and responses from the passers by and the general public.