Hot Chips: Swiftly Made, Quickly Had | B•LORE by BIC

Film by Rehaan Diaz.

Hot Chips shops in Bangalore are overwhelmingly ubiquitous. For a city enamoured by pubs, something to munch on while sipping down alcohol is important, which is why all Hot Chip stalls do crisp business every day of the year.

Just look at the variety of raw materials – potato, tapioca, plantain, banana, bitter gourd, tomato, jackfruit, Bombay fryums and then the variety of spices on them – salt, chilly, pepper, turmeric, mint, french onion. Watching them displayed in glass entrapments is a drool-worthy sight, with its rich panoply of colours.

It is also the aroma that circles the air that draws customers in, as they are fried in the shop where they are sold – fresh off the wok with their unique Bangalore flavours. They are inexpensive, all-season, versatile and thus quite unsurprisingly, the favoured choice of finger snacks for picnics, house parties, bars, and dorm rooms. Locals swear by them as popular accompaniments for dips and chutneys.