Bangalore International Centre’s (BIC) new visual narrative series, B·LORE seeks to document fresh perspectives about our city. The aim is to tell diverse stories about Bengaluru / Bangalore in a short, audio visual (AV) format. Some of the subjects that could be explored are history (formation, pre-independence, natural, industrial), culture (people, customs, language dialects, food, work), heritage (all kinds), arts (visual, performing), innovation, citizen involvement, inspiring stories of change, personalities, etc. This list of topics / themes is suggestive and by no means exhaustive. We hope this helps spark more novel ideas.

B·LORE Product

BIC looks to crowdsource entries for B·LORE from concept through production. The final product expected from the selected applicants is an AV film (mp4 video) related to Bengaluru / Bangalore with maximum run time of 5 minutes including credits. The film can be in any language. Subtitling the entire film in English is mandatory.

BIC expects that the accepted submissions under B·LORE will incorporate elements of creativity, originality, interesting nuggets of information, humour and more. B·LORE will create a collective memory of our city on its website / YouTube channel and amplify them through multiple channels.

A film that is accepted to be part of B·LORE is eligible for a total honorarium of ₹ 20,000.

B·LORE Application Process

  • Any individual or organization can submit an entry.
  • Applicants can choose to submit a completed film or a draft of the proposed film.
  • These submissions can be made through this Google Form.
  • At this stage, all video submissions are to be made available only through a url link that allows us viewing rights.
  • In respect of completed films, there are 3 possible outcomes:
    1. It qualifies for B·LORE as submitted
    2. It could qualify for B·LORE post suggested revisions. It is up to the applicant if they wish to resubmit.
    3. It does not qualify to be part of B·LORE. It is no reflection on the film, but just its perceived suitability for B·LORE.
  • In respect of draft film submissions there are 2 possible outcomes:
    1. It is promising and has potential to be part of B·LORE post completion.
    2. It is unfortunately not a fit for B·LORE.
  • Applicants will be informed of the status of their application.
  • There is no last date for submissions. Over time we hope to build the B-LORE repository.

Rights of BIC and the applicants

  • BIC reserves the right to accept or reject any application at any stage, without providing any reasons.
  • Once a final submission is accepted the applicant needs to submit a hi-res file and a write up about the film.
  • The Applicant will confirm that there is no copyright or any third-party rights’ violation in the final submission and in case any material is owned by others, due permission for use and/or inclusion in the submission, has been obtained.
  • The honorariums for qualifying applicants will be payable as follows:
    • ₹ 20,000 for a completed film accepted for B·LORE.
    • ₹ 10,000 for a shortlisted draft film which had promise and potential but not accepted post the final submission.
    • It is possible that some qualifying applicants may choose to forsake the honorarium. BIC would appreciate such a gesture since it will allow it to increase its B·LORE archives.
  • BIC is free to use the final submission in any manner it deems fit (in perpetuity, anywhere and in any medium) including making it available to others under the Creative Commons License. This would include adding brand and communication material to the original submission, or using the submission or snippets of it elsewhere, with due credit to the film makers.
  • BIC commits that all its usage will be non-commercial.
  • The original ownership rights of the submission rests with the applicant. They are free to transfer, license or use it in any manner they deem fit, without recourse to BIC and without upsetting, prejudicing, or interfering with BIC’s rights detailed above.

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