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Date & Time

Sunday Sun, 8 Oct 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

English | 65 minutes

Endings is an avant-garde play borrowing heavily from the theatre of the absurd to explore some hard hitting truths. A Dramarsis production, this original play written by Navoneil Bhattacharyya and directed by Shekhar Sanyal questions conventions galore and turns them on their head. Be it genders and gender roles, norms of society or even well established structures of storytelling – there are no holy cows in this play that unfolds in a tongue-in-cheek fashion creating no room for preachiness. It is a delightful smart play that will leave you happy yet challenged, amazed yet involved, and thoughtful yet puzzled.

This series of shows is part of the Young BIC Theatre Experience – an initiative to bring carefully curated live theatrical experiences to young audiences over a sustained period of 5 weekends.


Shekhar Sanyal


Shekhar Sanyal is an actor/ director/ producer who works in the theatre industry. He is one of the founders of the performing arts collective, Dramarsis. He is known for his technical work in the theatre space. His prowess lies in lightning and soundscape design and he has served as a technical director for multiple projects. His work in the play Schweyk In The Second World War both as a technical director and an actor was appreciated. In 2021 he debuted as a director with Endings a tongue-in-cheek play which challenges the established norms of theatre, storytelling and gender stereotypes. Endings has run to full houses for over the last two years across various venues.


Navoneil Bhattacharyya has performed in a number of scripted, devised and playback theatre productions with various Bangalore-based theatre organizations. He is also an avid poet, writing and performing both spoken word and page poetry, and has featured in various poetry events and slams in and around Bangalore.

Shruti Rao


Shruti Rao, a seasoned theatre artist with over 20 years of experience has collaborated with Kameras, Chandrato Collective, Forum-three, and Dramarsis among others. From production to acting, directing, working as an RJ, voice artist, dancer, singer, yoga instructor, and mother, Shruti embraces each role with finesse.

Madhurima Gupta

Madhurima started off as an amateur actor with a multilingual theatre group The Playmakers in Kolkata, in 2014. Since then, she has taken part in several theatre workshops in Kolkata and Bangalore with the Theatricians, mentored by veteran actor/director Tathagata Chowdhury and Ranjon Ghoshal. She has performed in English, Bengali and Hindi with amateur and professional groups in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad, across several genres of theatre. Her most notable plays are Kohinoor, Endings, Priyadarshi Ashok, Manto, Thief Cactus Goat Smut, Chalo Raja se Miley, Lysistrata, Shweyk in the Second World War, Sekhane Shondye Hoy and Borobabu Aschen.

Anusri Menon


A theatre enthusiast who started off with improv and playback formats, Anusri is pursuing music and dance and believes that creativity has no limits.

Aritra Biswas

Aritra is a singer and actor and has been in the Bangalore theatre scene since 2017. He has acted in 7 play productions and has worked with theatre groups such as Dramarsis, Forum-three, Kalayan Theatre and Indradhanush Theatre. Aritra is also the co-founder of Dramarsis Theatre Group.

Proloy Kumar Dey


Praloy Kumar Dey is an actor who works in the theatre industry. He is best known for his performance in the play A Terrorist Hanged.

Tania Thomas


Tania Thomas is an actor and writer, with experience in acting and teaching theatre.

Shruthi Arun


 Shruthi Arun is an actor, applied theatre practitioner and performance storyteller from Bangalore.

Kausar Nawaz Afghan


Kausar Nawaz is an actor, director, light designer, filmmaker, urdu poet, and corporate coach. Asmi, Raag, Prayaas and Praangan by Nrityanidhi are some of the recent projects that he has designed and executed lights for. He has also directed plays for Biocon, Syngyne International, National stock exchange, Walmart and Toyota India. Kausar considers himself a theatre practitioner with experience and knowledge in the art of performance, the stage and constantly experiments with the ideas of theatre-in-life and life-in-theatre.

Tyrone Pope


Tyrone Pope has been a keen theatre enthusiast since the first time he stepped on stage. In the theatre world since 2021, he reignited his journey with WeMove theatre group and post that has been associated with Bangalore Little Theatre, Forum-three and Dramarsis. He hopes to grow as a true thespian in the years to come through various acting opportunities. Apart from his passion for acting, he also works in finance for a multinational company.

Kaustav Chakraborty


Kaustav Chakraborty has finally arrived at one of his many long-awaited dreams, the theatre. A newcomer to this realm of art, with nothing to lose and an ocean of wisdom to absorb. He has gained a lot of trust and confidence as an individual from his peers in Forum-three and Dramarsis. He hopes to build towards making his craft powerful, shedding inhibitions and learning along the journey.

Sagnik Sinha


Sagnik has worked with various theater groups such as Dramarsis, Quiver Productions, Forum-three, Kalayan, Kathputliyaan and Indian Ensemble to name a few. Software development pays his bills, apart from which he has multiple hobbies which include music, literature, traveling and cooking. He is one of the co-founders of Dramarsis and has donned multiple roles in theatre including that of director, actor, lights controller, sound handler, production and backstage over the last 9 years.