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Writer, Actor & Director
Art Maker
Actor, Theatre Maker & Writer
Actor & Theatre Enthusiast

Date & Time

Saturday Sat, 21 Oct 2023


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka 560071 India

English | Ages 7 & up

The residents of a village by the sea celebrate their lighthouse’s birthday by playing games, singing songs, and telling the story of their tall tall friend. You are invited to join a visual, musical journey, where we will climb a ladder, perform circus tricks, and wave at ships. Open to people of all heights. Come with your friends, because friendship is important.


Writer & Director: Venkataraghavan S

Music & Lyrics: Kavya S

Performers (in height order): Shradha H R | Harshini B | Venkataraghavan S

Art & Costumes: Subha S

Lighting Design: Arun B

Lights: Imran I

Poster Design: Shiva V

Co-Producers: Bhasha Centre & Paytm Insider

Gratitude to:

Lakshmipriyaa C, Chennai

Tahatto, Bengaluru

Sunanda R, Chennai

Namita K, Chennai

Manasa S, Chennai

Poochu’s Productions, Chennai

All our theatre teachers and collaborators

This series of shows is part of the Young BIC Theatre Experience – an initiative to bring carefully curated live theatrical experiences to young audiences over a sustained period of 5 weekends.


Venkataraghavan S

Writer, Actor & Director
Venkataraghavan S is a writer, actor and director. His non-fiction book The Origin Story of India’s States was published by Penguin in 2021. His children’s books have been published by Pratham Books and his short fiction has appeared in The Iowa Review and The Bombay Literary Magazine. He has been a theatre practitioner for over 20 years with multiple theatre groups across cities.
IG: venkataraghavan.s

Kavya S 

Art Maker
Kavya S (she/they) is an art maker based in Bangalore. She has been on stage for over ten years, and she is interested in making work at the intersection of dance, theatre and music. She likes children better than grown ups. In her spare time, Kavya can be found daydreaming and reading.
IG: kavya_09

Shradha H R 

Actor, Theatre Maker & Writer

Shradha H R is a Bangalore-based actor, theatre maker, director and writer. Her work mainly centres around Caste and Gender in Kannada and English. She also works as a theatre facilitator with children and young adults. She has been a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Voices of the South) with How Long Is February: a fantasy in three parts through Qabila Productions and has worked with Outside the March Canada through Thespo. Some of her previous works include Amma Makkalu Elinda BartaveAashi Mathu Renu and Star in the Sky.

IG: theshradharaj

Harshini B

Actor & Theatre Enthusiast
Harshini B is an actor & theatre enthusiast who began her journey exploring the intersection of performance and design. She has collaborated with theatre productions in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pondicherry, with troupes like Indianostrum, Lights off, Dramanon, Perch. She was invited as an attendee of Kerala Arts & Crafts Village performer’s workshop on Kalaripayuttu and Nava Rasa by Kapila Venu. Rangashankara’s production Ulta Pulta was her recent exploration in shadow puppetry and Children’s theatre. Sipping fruit juices and playing Parai—a percussion instrument—are her favourite activities!