Dosas of Bengaluru | B·LORE by BIC

Film by Ashcharya Prabhu and Jerome Manuel | B·LORE by BIC | Round 2

Dosa artisans can be found in every nook and corner from street-side eateries to upscale restaurants, making the Dosa incredibly accessible and cherished by locals and visitors alike. The long-standing love affair between Bengaluru and Dosa is undoubtedly fueled by the dish’s authentic flavors, cultural significance, and the warm sense of nostalgia it evokes.

This documentary style short film showcases three unique special Dosa eateries in the city – Bengaluru Cafe, Airlines Hotel and Naveen Butter Dosa. The narrative exemplifies how ‘Dosas of Bengaluru’ represents culturally iconic places, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the city. It captures the visual process of Dosa making as an art and the emotions attached to this dish by people of various demographics. The stories stitched together encapsulate the perspective of the enterprise, its staff, customers and aficionados!