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Filmmaker & co- founder, Maraa
Researcher & facilitator

Date & Time

Friday Fri, 31 Jan 2020


Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

Stories are our memory – they drift through the streets, we carry them in our bags, we store some in dusty boxes at home, and others we tell out loud. Some, we never tell at all. This month at EET we uncover some of these narratives that are lost in the smoke of cars, brushed under fluffy carpets, or lost in the shadow of a fixed identity. Histories that are hushed and concealed by the garb of a well-developed city. Once we hear them, will we be able to reimagine this city?

On 31st, Maraa’s Angarika Guha and Ekta Mittal will be taking us through their work and vision for the bi-monthly newspapers ‘Bevaru’ (sweat), a bi-monthly newspaper, dedicated to the voice, views and experiences of the female workforce in Bangalore. The paper focuses on workers in unorganized sectors, who are often under-represented. In foregrounding their resilience, dreams and reflections of workers instead of their occupational identities. In looking at an identity of a person outside of their fixed role, we look at Bangalore’s history through a fresh lens and raise questions around untold stories, their tellers, the denial of self-representation, and access and exclusion in this city.


About Exploring Exciting Texts:

Exploring Exciting Texts began in 2017, as a series of monthly events hosted by Indian Ensemble with the aim to academically engage with various kinds of texts. Having done over 22 events, the events have developed a regular-audience base of people who are curious and want to engage in discussions and debates. These events draw an eclectic mix of people ranging across students, art practitioners, academicians, and young professionals.


Ekta Mittal

Filmmaker & co- founder, Maraa

Ekta Mittal co-founded Maraa, a media and arts collective in Bangalore (www.maraa.in) in 2008. She works there as a practitioner, researcher, curator and facilitator around issues of gender, labour & caste in rural and urban contexts. She also works with creative practices in public space, through independent production and collaborations with other artists. She has been making films around labour, migration and cities since 2009. Her recent film ‘Birha’ is about separation and longing in the context of migration.

Angarika Guha

Researcher & facilitator

Angarika Guha works at Maraa a media and arts collective as a researcher and facilitator around issues of gender, caste and sexual violence. She also works as a curator of creative practices in public spaces, through festivals and monthly interventions within the city of Bangalore, that foreground narratives of exclusion. She is currently working on a performance around caste, sexual violence and the politics of representation.