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Vimor turns 45!

To commemorate our 45-year journey of nurturing through documentation and supporting weavers, Vimor Handloom Foundation is planning to exhibit its iconic collection of original and revived pieces. The exhibition would display 75 or more sarees, each with a unique story, history, and the impact revival of designs has had on weaving communities. We hope this event deepens people’s knowledge and creates newfound respect for our textiles and weavers.

Vimor was started in 1974 by Mrs. Chimy Nanjappa and Pavithra Muddaya. Since its inception, Vimor has dedicated itself to reviving and documenting traditional handloom saree motifs, techniques, and their oral history. In the past 45 years, Vimor has had tremendous success in training several weavers to produce traditional marketable sarees. A weaver was given hand-holding support and also the strength to grow through mentorship, designs, color aesthetics, and financial credit. In this way s/he was able to progress from a weaver to a master weaver, be able to produce more sarees, and gradually become an entrepreneur, independent of Vimor.

About the Foundation:

To further strengthen Vimor‘s efforts in conserving our heritage, we started the Vimor Handloom Foundation. The Foundation provides an academic and institutional dimension to Vimor‘s objectives through
– the Vimor Museum of Living Textiles to acknowledge creativity with patronage
– New Chance to educate, skill and empower marginalized communities through weaving
– Research and documentation on past handlooms and create a future
– Advocacy and publishing of films and books to champion the cause of handlooms.

The Foundation aims to carry forward Vimor‘s time-tested model of conserving handlooms to realize its vision.