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Sunday Sun, 15 Sep 2019



Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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+91 98865 99675 bic@bangaloreinternationalcentre.org

Improv is an art form where artists perform a scene without plan or preparation. With Improv Comedy, the attempt is spontaneity hopefully eliciting laughter! By a careful approach of seeking suggestions, the group takes several scenarios that the audience might have encountered or heard of and enact them irreverently.

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About Indian Improv Tribe:

We as a team stand as India’s only professional Clean Improv Comedy Ensemble entertaining people by the day! Featured on national television show, our unique and unconventional concept is now and integral part of the foundational program at IIT Gandhinagar. The USP of shows however has been ‘Clean Comedy” and its universal appeal in attracting and entertaining people.

In the recent past, we received an outstanding response from global audiences during our live shows in 5-city tour of USA. Apart from this we have collaborated and performed along with International Improv teams like Providence Improv Guild (Providence) Sea Tea Improv (Hartford) and Oaktown Improv (San Francisco). Our lead performers are certified Improvisors from the world renowned UCB, New York and also got a chance to perform at Beast Theater, NY.


Saveen Hegde


A serial entrepreneur and an award winning professional speaker who has spoken for several Fortune500 organizations on Design Thinking, Business Storytelling and Creativity in seven countries. He lives by the mantra ‘Live, Laugh and Learn’. He is a professionally trained improviser from the renowned UCB – New York. He has performed with International Improv teams like Providence Improv Guild (Providence) Sea Tea Improv (Hartford) and Oaktown Improv (San Francisco ). 

Amit Chitte


Software Engineer because a living needs to be made. Improviser and Hip-Hopper by passion. His love for travel makes him take a BMTC ride every day for hours. Serial procrastinator but when on stage brings in high energy and a game plan.

Rohit Narayanan


QA engineer by day and QA engineer by night , because he doesn’t meet his deadlines! But he tries to refresh by getting on stage and cracking punchlines. He hopes to draw laughs. What more can an engineer expect who has never received an appreciation mail in his life.

Shayaan Bhattaracharya


With wit and energy, when on stage he is a bong on ‘bhaang’. Over the week he is an RJ on air, but every improv show he is on cloud ten… well he doesn’t have much business in cloud nine.

Aravind Kashyap


Aravind is a man of few words and more numbers. He is a chartered accountant who can balance work, life, improv and 3000+ collection of dolls. He ensures great returns.

KVM Kishore


He is known for his humorous championship winning speech at Toastmasters. He dons 3 hats in his life: a management consultant at Silicon city’s major IT chain, a fabulous story teller, an Improv artist at with Indian Improv Tribe


Vikas Sangam


He is a computer science engineer with a post-graduation in Liberal arts. He has performed over 300 live shows over the last decade.


Anasuya Sharma


Anasuya is an engineer by education but educational researcher by profession. She is a classical singer, a magical teacher and well, an Engineer.

Ryan Copko


The senior auditor from NJ, US. His work brought him here but it’s his marriage that made sure that he stays here.