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Saturday 25 Aug 2018



Bangalore International Centre
7, 4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 071 India
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Overfishing has pushed marine populations to the tipping point, risking the extinction of fish species across the world. Ultimately the choices made by fishermen are dictated by the market, and depend on the demand for various types of seafood. Is it possible to influence consumer choice, “nudging” people’s behaviour so that many small nudges might ultimately lead to a huge improvement in marine health? This is precisely the question at the heart of this programme, which brings together an expert on behavioural decision making and a marine ecologist and geographer.


Divya Karnad

Divya Karnad is a Marine ecologist, geographer and co-founder of InSeason Fish, a sustainable seafood initiative. She has a PhD in marine fisheries management from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Prithwiraj Mukherjee

Prithwiraj Mukherjee is Assistant Professor of Marketing at IIM Bangalore. He is interested in complex system, agent-based modeling and behavioral decision making.